Ivan Vologdin

Full-stack Developer

For Ivan, robust and practical methods are essential to good programming. With almost a decade of experience in software development, he has honed a drive to create more maintainable code while simultaneously reducing the time spent between writing the code and deploying to production as a completed feature.

He has experience with both older legacy projects as well as much younger ones that harness bleeding-edge technologies. Though he works primarily in the backend, Ivan nonetheless has considerable frontend experience as well, especially with frameworks like React.js.

Having joined the 0+X team as a backend developer in 2022, his latest project at Digital Platforms has found him developing microservices in Typescript (Node.js) and taking an active role in architectural decision-making. Ivan also has proficiencies in Node.JS and Python, and enjoys diving into technologies like MongoDB, Redis, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm and Grafana.

Recent projects

07.2023 - Ongoing
Software Engineer

02.2022 - 12.2022
Software Engineer

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