Thiago Diniz da Silveira

Back-end Developer

Thiago is a senior developer with more than a decade of experience working in tech, and has proficiencies in a number of programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, Shell Script, Python, and Node.js.

Thiago is especially passionate about automated tests, and always strives to achieve the best test coverage possible. He also enjoys expanding the skillset, and is currently diving into new technologies, including Kubernetes and machine learning. 

In his last project for Nordnet he maintained microservices for a team responsible for the base foundation, and helped create a new customer authorization service. During this time, the company decided to move to the cloud using GCP and he supported this migration, using Java 17, GCP, and Pub/Sub to great effect.

Recent projects

02.2022 - Ongoing
Software Engineer

11.2020 - 03.2021
Software Engineer

01.2019 - 10.2020
Software Engineer

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