Andrew Kupreichyk

Android Developer

Andrew has been a vital addition to the 0+X family since joining as a senior Android developer in 2021. A good team player with over ten years of experience working with Java and Kotlin, he is always keen to centre user experience as a priority on any given mobile or cross-platform project he is working on.

Having previously doubled as a developer and resource manager on MyFitnesspal, a fitness app with over 200 million registered users, his recent projects include maintaining the Spotify Lite app for Android, building a new version of the Nextory app, and enhancing the delivery functionality of the PostNord app. 

Currently, Andrew is the main contributor to the ongoing development of Ambiductor, a customer-oriented Android application. 

Recent projects

2023 - Ongoing
Senior Android Engineer

Android Engineer

07.2022 - 12.2022
Android Engineer

02.2022 - 06.2022
Android Engineer

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