Gustavo Rodriguez

Front-end Developer

Gustavo is a natural communicator and a passionate frontend developer with over 13 years of experience in the industry. He enjoys designing web applications with a social focus, facilitating the process of bringing people closer together.

For his most recent project, Gustavo worked as a React Native web developer for the Swedish med-tech company Joint Academy, helping them develop a world-class application for their patients.

He mainly prefers to work with technologies like React and Node35, as well as withRedux, TypeScript, Styled Components, GraphQL with Apollo, and React Native. He has previously held roles as both team-lead and tech-lead in different companies, and earned a Scrum Master certificate courtesy of Scrum Alliance in 2015. He has been part of the 0+X family since 2020.

Recent projects

04.2022 - Ongoing
Software Engineer

01.2021 - 03.2022
Software Engineer

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