Adriana Rychlinska

Back-end Developer

Having worked as a backend engineer for over a decade, Adriana has gained firsthand experience at the likes of Warner Brothers, Spotify, and Intel Technology. She joined the 0+X team in 2020 as a senior backend developer, and focuses on distributed scalable systems and Java development.

Due to her experience in high scale systems, she understands the importance of automation, optimization and robust processes. She brings a wealth of experience in these areas to every system she works on.

Adriana has a passion for application security, and is currently working with Ikano’s team, enabling them to improve the security of their core system. She also works with awareness training and with secure code reviews.

Recent projects

07.2022 - Ongoing
Security Engineer

06.2021 - 06.2022
Sr. Software Engineer

03.2020 - 06.2021
Software Engineer

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