Yevhenii Sharlaimov

C++ Developer


Before becoming a senior C++ developer here at 0+X in 2019, Eugene carved out a decade-spanning career in games development, working with several AAA-studios. He supervised the development of gameplay features for Far Cry 6, having worked his way up from being a solo developer to eventually taking on a leadership role where he oversaw a team of ten other engineers.

More recently, he has worked for the strategy game studio Paradox Interactive here in Sweden, developing and maintaining features for their Clausewitz Engine as a C++/engine developer. This role has seen him gain specialised experience in UI, localization, map effects, and in-game video portrait systems.

Recent projects

01.2023 - Ongoing
C++ Developer

02.2022 - 01.2023
C++ Developer

11.2019 - 01.2022
C++ Developer

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