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C++ Developer


Virgilio is no stranger to adjusting to new technologies and platforms as they emerge. With over 20 years’ experience in software development, he was learning J2ME back when brick phones were all the rage in order to develop the products that ran on them.

For the past 7 years he has been focusing primarily on games related development, focusing primarily on C++. Since joining 0+X in 2020, Virgilio has been on assignment at Mojang where he’s been working as part of the gameplay team on Dungeons. He also has recent experience working in C, C#, Java and .NET, but remains open to any technology or platform that looks interesting.

Outside of game development, he has also created evaluation tools for testing network-related financial protocols at companies like Verifone, and is fluent in programming languages ranging from low level assembly language to JavaScript, CSS, and the HTML stack.

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08.2020 - Ongoing
C++ Developer

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