Tomasz Bem

Data Engineer

Tomasz is a seasoned senior developer and data architect who is no stranger to working in high-intensity environments. His 10 years in data engineering have given him a deep familiarity with Java development and plenty of experience working in the Hadoop ecosystem, while his strong analytical skills—especially problem solving and critical thinking—have seen him thrive in some of the most demanding data centers, banks, and financial companies in the industry.

He is well-versed in Java/JavaEE, Spark, RMDBS, NoSQL, and the Hadoop platform, which he has been working with for the past 8 years. Tomasz also prides himself on his communication and linguistic skills—he is fluent in three natural languages and is eager to challenge himself by learning even more.

Recent projects

02.2022 - 06.2022
Engineering Manager

04.2020 - 02.2022
Solutions Architect

04.2019 - 04.2020
Senior Software Engineer

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