Tahir Mehdiyev

Front-end Developer

Tahir is a motivated front-end developer with a keen eye for detail and over 10 years of experience in the industry. An easy-going and sociable person, Tahir takes a flexible approach to his workflow, and is happy to work solo, as part of a pair, or in mob programming, depending on the requirements of the team and the task at hand.

Having previously spent time working at Paradox Interactive making game physics using C++, Tahir has developed a strong interest in understanding the inner workings of the tools he uses. Since signing on at 0+X in 2018 Tahir has been focusing on Javascript, and especially functional style React.js programming, though he also very much enjoys the opportunity to break out d3.js for visual effects work.

Recent projects

06.2018 - Ongoing
Senior Frontend Developer

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