Sebastian Mandrean

Systems Engineer

Sebastian started out tinkering with hardware and low-level programming like AVR and x86 Assembly as a kid. Since then, he’s blossomed into an experienced systems engineer and prolific GitHub contributor who has worked with a number of major clients, including Spotify, Klarna, Volvo, Microsoft, ICA, and Tink. 

Sebastian has been adaptable throughout his career, and has tried his hand at many different roles and technologies. Initially starting out as a web developer, he quickly realised that back-end and infrastructure were his true calling. 

Since joining the 0+X team back in 2016, Sebastian has fit right in thanks to his enduring love for electronics, DIY hacking, soldering, and passion projects with Arduino and Raspberry PI kits. Vocationally, Sebastian is passionate about GitOps/DevOps, microservices, Rust, Go and functional programming. He’s also intimately familiar with Kubernetes and Docker, having been using them ever since they were released. 

Recent projects

09.2020 - Ongoing
Back-end developer

2020 - 2020
Back-end developer

08.2019 - 02.2020
Senior Software Engineer

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