Maria Verbenko

Data Engineer

Maria has been a senior data engineer and backend developer with 0+X here in Stockholm since 2016. Thanks to her masters in applied maths, Maria has a strong grasp of mathematical concepts, which she complements with excellent skills in Python and Node.js.

As part of her current role as data engineer and lead for the data/platform team at Flowbox, she oversaw the expansion of her team from two full-time engineers to eight; building data pipelines entirely from scratch while staying actively involved in mentoring and road-mapping.

Like many other 0+Xers, she's a frequent contributor to the open source movement on GitHub, where she’s best known for her work on Apache Airflow. Lately, she’s also been enjoying diving deeper into ML, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, and AWS data solutions.

Recent projects

01.2022 - Ongoing
Data Engineer

04.2020 - 11.2021
Data Engineer

12.2018 - 03.2020
Full Stack Engineer

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