Kirill Mikhel

Front-end Developer

Kirill is a veteran full-stack developer who specialises in building real-time applications, complex UI, and games. Since joining the 0+X roster in 2017, Kirill has been flexing his skills on cross-platform projects within the games industry, including at Paradox Interactive and the Core UI team for Minecraft at Mojang.

Working primarily with JavaScript, Typescript, and Unity, he has built a React-based component library for Mojang and mastered the Gameface UI engine integration with Minecraft and Paradox Interactive's game engines. His forte is developing tidy and immersive user interfaces, and of late he’s been particularly excited by the potential of maximizing React’s latest features.

Like many other 0+Xers, Kirill enjoys launching experimental pet projects to test out the latest tech, and can often be found prototyping indie games at game jams or running tech talks and workshops.

Recent projects

06.2023 - Ongoing
Game UI Developer

03.2022 - 09.2022
Game Developer

06.2020 - 12.2021
Software Developer

06.2019 - 06.2020
UI Developer

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