Kir Belevich

Front-end architect

Currently a senior UI developer and architect, Kir has been a member of the 0+X family since 2016. Having thrived in the field for over 15 years, he is a veteran programmer with a deep reserve of knowledge and expertise. Kir has been a React expert since its release, and also has a decade of experience working in JavaScript. As a result, he’s become a go-to source for specialist knowledge in the company.

Kir has a community-driven outlook, and has been a lifelong contributor to the open-source movement. He is perhaps best known for the SVG optimizer, SVGO, which has received over 19,000 stars on Github, but has made a number of other invaluable contributions as well. Soft skills are also an important part of his repertoire, as he has ample experience in both leading teams and fostering inter-team relationships.

Recent projects

07.2021 - Ongoing
Software Architect

04.2021 - 06.2021
Software Architect

03.2017 - 12.2021
Software Architect

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