Kate Zyrianova

iOS Developer


Kate thrives on discovering new concepts and technologies, and streamlining workflows for her clients. A product manager and senior iOS developer with over a decade of experience in her field—including as a tech lead—she has worked in a diverse range of sectors within tech, including for streaming providers, mobile games developers, and news apps. She is also a certified Serum Product Owner (CSPO). 

Since joining 0+X as a product manager and senior iOS developer in 2017, Kate has eagerly expanded her skillset, while always being mindful to ensure that client needs are addressed through teamwork and careful planning. She is a quick and dedicated learner who is proactive about learning new languages.

For example, following the release of Swift, Kate started a pet project to dig into the language and has since made use of it in several of her subsequent assignments. She is also well-versed in JavaScript, C# (Unity), and Scala, and is passionate about reactive programming and creating app logic.

Recent projects

04.2021 - Ongoing
Software Engineer

08.2019 - 06.2020
iOS Developer

06.2018 - 05.2019
iOS Developer

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