Jakub Kottnauer

Full-stack Developer

With 6 years of web-application development under his belt, Jakub is a seasoned coder with a practical outlook who favours a minimalist approach that produces easily maintainable, well-tested code. A senior full-stack developer at 0+X since 2019, he has recently been responsible for handling the front-end domain in React for the proprietary stock trading platform Quantlane. 

Before that, Jakub worked at Blueberry, both on projects outsourced to the company and as a consultant for the client's office. His projects included working on front-end development for short-term loan provider Onea.se, as well as on the construction of a new internet banking framework for a local bank. He has experience with numerous programming languages but has recently focused on TypeScript and Python. He also enjoys working in Rust and performing functional programming in ClojureScript.

Recent projects

10.2019 - Ongoing
JavaScript Developer

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