Ivan Shmidt

Full-stack Developer

Ivan has a passion for improving user and developer experience by streamlining his tasks as elegantly as possible—for him, programming is about driving change by thinking efficiently. A software engineer at 0+X since 2020, his most recent assignment saw him develop a more modern and scalable micro-fronted architecture for PayPal.

Before that he also worked with Spotify, creating front-end services for the open source developers’ platform Backstage [backstage.io], working primarily with JavaScript, React and Typescript. With over 8 years’ experience in development—including as a team lead—he is intimately familiar with numerous programming languages – namely TypeScript, JavaScript, Elm, Python, Java, C# and C.

A frequent speaker at tech meetups in Stockholm, Ivan enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge about JavaScript.

Recent projects

01.2021 - Ongoing
Full Stack Engineer

04.2020 - 12.2020
Full Stack Engineer

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