Ilya Sizov

Software Developer

Ilya is a versatile multi-tasker with close to a decade worth of experience in backend, frontend, and mobile development. Since 2019 he's concentrated more on the backend side of things. As a senior backend developer at 0+X, he is focusing on designing scalable systems with micro-services architecture.

His coding repertoire includes Go as the main language, also JavaScript, and NodeJS as the second tool. Ilya is proficient with a variety of different databases—namely MongoDB, Postgres, ScyllaDB (a Cassandra-like database), Neptune (a graph database from Amazon), and SQL Server.

He also has considerable experience with message brokers such as Kafka or RabbitMQ and is a big fan of AWS stack, Kubernetes, and cloud-native applications.

Recent projects

09.2022 - Ongoing
Backend Engineer

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