Alexander Bareyko

JavaScript Developer

Alexander is a firm believer in pair-programming as a technique for knowledge sharing and fast feedback. A passionate full-stack developer, he always has several hobby projects on the go at Github. Alexander especially enjoys the challenge of creating complex backends, such as audio and video processing (WebRTC), simulations, and user processing and caching.

On the frontend side, he has experience building interactive interfaces in React.js and Redux, and has also worked on games. Most recently, he’s been building high-load applications at the Swedish sports betting company ATG. Before that he worked on the Klarna Checkout, implementing a new payment selector as a separate React library.

Recent projects

12.2022 - Ongoing
Technical Lead

08.2021 - 10.2022
Frontend Developer

01.2019 - 06.2021
Frontend Developer

05.2018 - 12.2018
Frontend Developer

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