Arkady Karev

Full-stack Developer

Whether it’s integrating emerging technologies into the 0+X workflow or encouraging personal growth among his colleagues, Arkady’s work is all about development.

He’s been an active member of the 0+X community since 2021, working as a senior backend developer who can also help out with the frontend when needed. Before joining 0+X, Arkady accumulated over 10 years of experience in web applications, startups, and highload-project development in the financial sector.

Having previously served as Principal Engineer and Community Lead at the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank, his latest venture has been as a backend developer at the Swedish nano-bank Qapital, where he gained valuable experience working in Java 17.

Arkady is also highly proficient in Kotlin, and is no stranger to frameworks like Spring Boot, PostgreSQL and Redis.

Recent projects

04.2023 - Ongoing
Senior Software Engineer

08.2022 - 03.2023
Software Engineer

10.2021 - 06.2022
Senior Software Developer

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